Never Summer | Branding | UX/UI



Never Summer Adventures is a winter sport based travel company. The company runs a subscription based travel plan that allows members to fly anywhere in the world to indulge in winter anytime after paying the annual membership fee. It offers a 100% personally curated travel experience. The clientele for Never Summer range from casual upper class vacationers to die hard winter sports fans. The brand needs to be developed with this in mind. In addition to branding, creating a user experience and app to make booking travel easy for anyone is necessary.


With such a wide range of clients and prospective clients it is important to create a brand that encompasses it all, both classy and edgy, appealing to a wide range of thrill seekers. Never Summer was created to reduce hassle, both the brand and UX/UI need to aid in eliminating the usual troubles of booking travel. By designing an intuitive travel app that streamlines the booking process, travel becomes a no hassle experience. 


Logo Exploration


Final Logo

We set out to create a trademark that was both edgy and sophisticated. Never Summer appeals to a higher income level traveler, we wanted the logo to be classy while still having character of a sport inspired brand.  This logo is an ode to the season in which Never Summer has found its niche, winter. Combining a snowflake and airplane represents the symbiotic relationship Never Summer fosters between travel and winter sports.




Mobile App UX | UI



The advertising for Never Summer strives to speak to the winter sport fan. Since it is such a niche market, location is key. Advertisements are strategically placed in locations relative to those who enjoy winter sports. The headlines are quirky and fun and appeal to the pathos of the true winter sport fanatic.