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Nectar House is a modern urban meadery. Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man. While most meaderies stick to the theme of ancient times and design, Nectar House requires branding that speaks to the 21st century consumer. The challenge is giving this ancient beverage a modern design facelift. 


Using bright colors that pop and a modern geometric logo, Nectar House was brought to life. Stepping away from the tradition glass bottle and choosing aluminum cans adds an approachability for the 21st century consumer. The tagline "Catch the buzz" is playful and helps to breathe modern life into an ancient product. 




Logo Exploration


Sometimes simple is better.


Why cans?

The choice to package with cans rather than bottles brings Nectar House mead into the 21st century. The mead flavor profiles are bold yet familiar, giving this ancient product new life. This modern packaging allows the product to speak to the new age drinker in a way other meads do not. Nectar House prides itself on sustainable business practices, and using cans greatly reduces the impact on the environment. It's just another way the brand considers the big picture. 



Bright, Bold, Modern. 

Nectar House is a new kind of meadery and every aspect of the brand should reflect that. The use of bold colors and clean, modern typography elevate the brand to help it reach the target consumer. No longer is mead a thing of the past, it is happening here and now and these colors won't let the consumer forget it. 


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