Raven Used Books | Re-Branding 



The current branding for Raven Used books poses many issues. Raven Used Books has two locations each currently branded differently from one another. This creates confusion for those wanting to visit. It is hard to tell that the locations are affiliated with one another. The trademark is outdated, and difficult to use in most applications. The other major issue facing Raven Used Books is their online presence. The current website is difficult to navigate, and lacks quality UX/UI design. There are two completely different websites for each location which alienates them from one another.  


Rebranding with the customer in mind is needed. The average clientele of Raven Used Books ranges from professors, to a quirky crowd found in the hip neighborhoods in which the bookstores are located. Both locations are close to major universities in primarily young to middle aged dominant areas. The solution, a brand that is modern and sleek yet fun and inviting to appeal to the younger crowd that frequents here. This brand cohesively represents both locations making it clear they are affiliated. The website hosts the information of both locations making it easy to navigate and switch from one location to another without ever having to leave the page. 



Logo Exploration