Japanese Tea Gardens | Branding | Wayfinding



The Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio are a rich part of the city’s history. During a site visit it became apparent that this beautiful location lacked both branding and wayfinding almost entirely. These missed opportunities create two problems; difficulty navigating the site, and a gift shop that brings in little to no revenue for the gardens. The challenge was to create a cohesive identity for both the Japanese Tea Gardens and attached restaurant, Jingu House. In addition, a clear and concise wayfinding system that did not distract the visitors from the natural landscape was needed.


The most centric and iconic architectural structure of the gardens is the stone bridge. Using this recognizable feature along with other traditional Japanese symbols, an identity was created. Using Japanese inspired materials and colors a wayfinding system that is both clear and complimentary to the pre-existing architecture was implemented.  


Logo Exploration

japanese notebook@0,25x.png

Final Logo

Japanese architecture and symbolism come together to form a logo that well represents both the culture, and beauty of the Japanese Tea Gardens. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity in Japanese culture. The lotus sits atop a bridge structure inspired by the bridge within the gardens. 



Wayfinding signs found throughout the gardens


Banners located throughout Brackenridge park

Entrance Signage and directionals

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Jingu House